Friday, 10 October 2014

Exploring Singapore 2

Back after EOYs, and it's the first day of marking day so I went on another 'exploring sg' trip, this time with Petra and Jingyan!! I can't express how excited and happy I was because I'm just really eager to discover new things + snap photos in the process (of course).

1st stop: Hatched
Went for brunch at this cafe in Holland V and I ordered smoked salmon eggs benedict (smoked salmon ftw you know, it's the love of my life). 

Sliced my poached egg and delighted to know that it's done pretty okay, at least the yolk was runny HAHA. Unfortunately not in Petra and Jy's case LOL, their poached eggs were kinda hard. I actually thought that the blob of thing was tuna with mashed potatoes and it ended up being minced mushrooms with extremely small cubes of potatoes? Really interesting and it tasted gr8.

2nd stop: D good Cafe
Dessert at D good cafe just a few shops away! There was this cool window with some flowers there...

I ordered their waffle + ice cream on top and it's really good but I was so full after that. (It's okay we walked the whole afternoon HAHAHAHA

Jy and her iced chocolate.

Petra and her waffles.

3rd stop: Maple Tree Bizcity
Please do not ask me why I chose to go there (and they just follow LOL), but I really like the layout of the place because it looks like a legit city imo. 

We were so ahead of schedule and we ended up reaching there at like... late 1pm-2pm? IT WAS TERRIBLE. The sun was BLAZING and it was so damn freaking hot!!!!! Plus the whole area was actually really big and there are like so little shelters / shades. Oh my gosh my sweat was just dripping and flowing all over myself I'm so disgusted and just wanted to get my ass off that place already. But since we're already there so... Might as well explore the place a bit. 

Ok it wasn't really exploring but we just decided to seek refuge in the office buildings, away from the terribly hot sun. 

And we found out that it was a sweltering 32 degree celcius outside. We went to a convenience store to get some drinks ('NAKED' MINERAL WATER) !!! 

The bottle cool nia.

4th stop: Clarke Quay
We didn't really go to the sg river side but instead we walked to Old Hill Street Police Station (current MCI), Fort Canning Park and Old Fire Station. This time it wasn't so hot already but the air was still really humid you could still feel the heat.

Old Hill Street Police Station!

Camo and green ok.

They 2 be fooling around.

Jy and her leg tho.

And my face is just epic here!!

Old Fire Station

5th stop: Old Supreme Court & Old City Hall
Honestly the whole raffles/city hall area is filled with tons of extremely old and cool iconic buildings!!! This is the old city hall, undergoing renovation. Actually I like it that they are putting in effort to preserve + restore this place but the original old colour and structure is already fabulous (i like it more LOL)... 

Heard that these 2 buildings are going to be converted to the new National Art Gallery by 2015? I AM SO DAMN LOOKING FORWARD TO HOW IT LOOKS LIKE. Honestly these 2 buildings are one of my most favourites they give the olden feel and I just really want to explore the insides!!! Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!

6th stop: Victoria Memorial Hall
HAHAHA Jingyan badly wanted to go to Victoria Concert Hall (why ah) and we just randomly arrived there while walking to who knows where. 

Another one! I really like this building too!!!!! ermagod

The whole building was so pretty and there was a couple having a wedding photoshoot!! (admiring them for bearing with the terrible heat)

7th stop: Cavenagh Bridge
It's the only suspension bridge and one of the oldest suspension bridges in Singapore!!

The view of Fullerton Hotel from the bridge. The extremely luxurious hotel.

8th stop: Marina Bay Floating Platform
I was really determined to get a really nice photo while at the seats of the floating platform. 

Yeap, we found the right location! ^_^

9th stop (last): MBS

Since we were just nearby, we decided to explore the hotel area. Actually just trying to imitate Wayne's picture. Figuring out where he took it from was terrible cuz we had to keep looking up.

Overall, it's an extremely fun day!! I've finally been to places I have never been to in Singapore!! Even though I didn't appear in much photos, it's okay cuz I enjoyed taking the photos!!!

For the first time in forever I diligently adjusted all my settings (when i had to) HAHA. I actually shot in Aperture, Manual, and my own custom mode for the first time!! What an achievement, usually I'll be so lazy and I'll just stick to Auto mode. Well.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Exploring Singapore

Hello it's been a long time since I last blogged! Okay so looking back at all my previous blog posts, I'm just kinda disgusted at my style of writing cuz it's just damn weird! I reverted the horrible ones back to drafts and for the posts on my vacation in Australia, I combined them to form a page. So recently I just went for OELP in Taiwan, all the stuff about it are in the pages.

Finally the long awaited June holidays! I'll be on a vacation in mid June all the way to the end of June, so I had to complete my homework before next week D:

Okay back to the main topic, since it was the holidays, I decided to do some fun things. AKA exploring sg!

You could call me a noob but I really never exactly went to some tourists attractions in sg, esp merlion park..I always wanted to be a tourist in my own country, I guess I finally did it!!

My sister Lyn accompanied me haha

1st stop: Botanic Gardens

Okay fine I've been to Botanic Gardens before, during school trips, but I never actually went there to enjoy life. (instead of learning about plants and shit you know, haha)

The sun was sooo bright look at mi asian eyes!!!

Pretty plant.

I didn't actually take much photos of the plants partly cuz lame and the heat was really unbearable oh gosh.

2nd stop: CBD area, Merlion Park

Yeah, I have never been to Merlion Park, never truly explored the CBD area this whole 13.5 years of my life. 

What instagrammers do.

Singapore skyline. 

Esplanade looking hella fine!

Really liked how the coconut trees gave a California feel!

Went on Esplanade bridge.

What instagrammers do.

Marina Bay!


Wah I bet people will just keep thinking im damn 'suagu' (country bumpkin) but I finally got to see it!!!! All the people there were literally foreigners LOL....

Looks damn good. Must instagram this too. 

3rd stop: Orchard

Okay this wasnt actually a real stop, I just wanted to have churros (Spanish Doughnuts Singapore) at Orchard Central, IT WAS ALL OVER MY INSTAGRAM NEWS FEED UGH so I finally got it. The 3 choco dip churros.


Yeah and I originally wanted to go to ionsky some sort of level 55 observatory and look at orchard skyline but the admission price was so ex I'm just like -_- my dad suggested going to the 12th level of orchard central lol, but the view was like crap HAHAHA It totally doesn't look like Orchard Road cuz it's like further up and nearer to dhoby ghaut so most of the shopping malls aren't even there.

What is this... HAHAHAH aiya better than nothing hor. Free view.

Featuring my sister. (

Overall, I guess I still had a fun day being a tourist in sg HAHA! I damn lame sia haha but the experience was wonderrrrful ^~^

Monday, 3 February 2014

CNY 2014

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Sorry i'm just trying to revive my blog it's really quite dead. Okay so i'm kinda happy cuz my mom got me a new laptop unfortunately i'm not using it right now... just gotta wait for it to be delivered and YAY. 

Oh and recently i started getting really obsessed over square photos check out my instagram @jollyjeann_

The good thing is that square photos can be really artistic if you do it right, and the bad thing is that if you have a landscape or portrait photo... hmm you just have to think of ways (screw whitagram)

So this is my reunion dinner!

(in case you're wondering i did filter it but it somehow looks exceptionally saturated)

Just like any other year, I went to Malaysia to visit my relatives.

dropped by my aunt's house for a really delicious lunch (mandatory hokkien food)!

so there was this cute cat and my siblings massaged it with their feet LOL,

after lunch me and mai sis were just walking around the house and the 'kampong' features was just really gr8 that an ootd shot is a must!

well isnt it great, i mean the ootd shots arent like some mainstream ootds at hdb blocks, outside the lift, using a mirror.... it's ARTISTIC (i rly gotta say it hahah)

my sis's ootd taken by me, now praise my photography skills yea HAHAHAHAHAHAH JUST KIDDING ^_^

 closeup on my outfit taken by my sis. my hair looks rly weird in the other one so not gonna upload it. just go check out my instagram for all the photos.

candid shots.

my uncle's rooster!

each time i screamed (on purpose) it just starts clucking LOL hope i didnt terrify that poor thing.
i had dinner with my maternal uncle's family at this banquet hall sort of thing
selfie with cousins yo


the gr8 thing about being in malaysia is that it isnt illegal to set fireworks/firecrackers. had a lil fun playing with it (i filmed it down too but still wondering if i should post it here) yeah so that concludes day 1.


this totally wasnt meant to be my ootd shot my mom just wanted me to take a picture with those flowers at the hotel LOL.

had my breakfast at this stretch of roadside stalls / coffee shops aka tam jiak guey or 贪吃街~

it was the new year so it was realllllly crowded and not many stalls (mostly the more famous / tastes nicer) were open so we just bought a variety of stuff to eat (come on it's just breakfast) 

it's quite shocking though, the price really jumped a lot like eg the oyster omelette was supposed to be 8 ringgit but when it was served the person asked for 15 ringgit. i guess we shouldnt blame them, it's cny and these hawkers still come to work....

went to a temple and im overjoyed because the ice cream uncle who sells double cone was there!!!!!!

i dont think double cones are common in sg (or are there even double cones in sg?!)

anyway it really is a kind of retro malaysian ice cream, cheap (1.50 ringgit) and just enough to make some people be happy i guess hahaha

yay for double cones!!!

well and also had a mini photoshoot for ootd day 2 HAHAHA kampong style ootd okay!

a candid of willyion

there wasnt any other interesting thing on day 2 (other than concluding all the house visitings in malaysia and returning back to sg) so i shall just end it here~


Had a mini gathering with just Claudia, Gladys, Gabbie, Esther, Kaiming and Douglas!

lunch @ ramenplay 

after that we went to clauds house for blackjack (clears my throat)

at the start i didnt want to play cuz im damn sure i would lose LOL. 

so since claudia's dad gave an angbao i just used to money inside as a base first LOL. 

yeah and i seriously lost $2 on the first round, and the next round i lost AGAIN, ALSO OWING EVERYONE $2 HAHAHA.

teamed up with Kaiming (he was already negative) and gr8 we got back money and i didnt owe anyone liao LOL and we also split the winnings ($2) not so bad hor. 

after he left with gladys we continued the game but not so bad cuz i won $10 so overall i won $12 YAY.

okay i shan't be so happy douglas and esther lost quite a lot ._.


me and gabbie took claudia's phone and started taking selfies with it LOL

let me end off with clauds eating kueh baulu LOL

overall i had a wonderful 3 days of cny break. 
spending my 4th day on homework and the rest with the reopening of school.

now let me cry and drown in my tears people.

happy cny.